Always the Professional....

I've put up a pretty good front the last 15 years working in a corporate setting. I mean, I am a professional in the sense that I need to look, act and carry myself in a way that is "corporate". I work with great people, I work for a great company but it's getting harder to keep it together. I'm nuttier than a flying squirrel's nest. I've got 4 kids, my husband and I have a lot of fun together, I guess I just want to have more fun, like, all the time. Let me give you an example, this one dates back a few months at the peak of nut gathering season, but I'm in a meeting at work, should really be focusing, but I couldn't - I could not focus at all. I had dance party music in my head and just looked at everyone individually wondering, if I played this song, who would shake their tail feather and who would literally walk me down to HR? I think I had a pretty good idea of what would happen, who had some serious chops and could break it down,

but who knows. I mean, this went on, in my head, for an hour. Various songs, various scenarios...I didn't play the music that day....but I'm getting closer to the day I who will dance, is the question?


Making Meal Time Easier

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