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    Making Mealtime Easier

    Meet CHUGS

    Tired of asking your toddlers to sit down during mealtimes? CHUGS is an easy way to transition kids from a 100% contained highchair to a table chair with 100% freedom.

    Our unique, non-restrictive chair wings give toddlers a gentle reminder to stay seated with legs forward. Perfect for mealtimes, at-home learning, and other activities where kids need to stay in their chair.

    At the heart of Hey Cheeky Baby we LOVE kids and we love those that LOVE on and educate our kids every day of the week.  Specifically those special humans in the childcare industry that care for our little ones while we go to work, school or volunteer during the day.  A portion of our proceeds will go directly back to those in the childcare industry across the country as a THANK YOU for loving and caring for the most important part of our lives, our precious children!  Thank you for supporting our small business and helping us on our mission to give back to those awesome humans in the childcare industry!

    Many Blessings,

    Easy as 1, 2, 3!

    How it Works

    Secure to any chair with a back in seconds.

    Open the wings – kids love to help!

    Sit child in chair and push up to the table.

    Multiple Colors

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      Cheers for CHUGS!

      What They're Saying

      No more germy highchairs at restaurants! We bring CHUGS with us and our kid stays seated the entire time. Nothing worse than a kid that keeps getting up at a restaurant.

      Karen Maine

      My kid was always hanging off the chair and getting up after we went from the highchair to a table chair. CHUGS is the perfect tool to transition kids and train them to stay seated, legs front during mealtimes.

      Karra Oregon

      Our 3.5 year old kept getting up from the table during mealtimes and we were fed up with stressful dinners. CHUGS works amazingly well! Our child wasn't strapped in, but the wings on both sides was a reminder to stay seated while we eat.

      Tasha Connecticut

      Thank you all for the love and support. Hey Cheeky Baby was the 3rd place finisher for the High Five Grant.

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